Lyd studio was created from a need to connect professional creatives with different creative backgrounds.

Bringing fashion designers, artists in different fields, photographers and DJ's together and build an offline and online community that contributes to their professional, creative and personal success.

We want to create a world that lyd studio is a part of and contribute to in a valuable way; by inspiring creatives to create.


Our Creative Curators are the core of our community, these creative professionals are working hard to create a name for themselves in their creative field.

Our Curated playlists are the latest playlists carefully selected by our in house DJ to give you inspiration for the new week to come. Follow our pages to get the weekly updates.

We will host events for our community by our community. Check out whats planned and get your ticket now!

If you are a creative professional yourself and want to become a member of our community please don't hesitate and reach out to us. You'll find more information regarding our membership plan on our membership page.