You are a creative professional running your own company, brand or label. This means you have to focus on what your customers are doing, how you can reach them, do your accounting and taxes, increase your own knowledge while still working on your creative projects.


Join lyd studio and become a part of our community as a Creative Curator. Get free coffee in our stores, get priority in special deals, sales and new releases. Get featured in our social media and emails. Work with us and feature your collection, art or music in our stores and use as a platform to grow and connect with creatives with different creative backgrounds.

When becoming a Business member of lyd studio you become a part of our community and all the benefits that come with this. Also, the lyd studio team will help you set-up your accounting and tax so you can start professionally.

As a Premium Business member you can take the next step with your company, having your community to fall back on we link you to a buddy for more 1-on-1 time with a member in the same situation. You'll get access to monthly masterclasses for you to develop your skills and get accounting and tax support. This means we can take over the bookings of you accounting and get everything ready for your quarterly taxes.

As a Business Partner you can rely on us with your accounting and tax but will also process your receipts, give production, marketing and advertising support and can even help you find funding for your company.

With these memberships we want to give knowledge to our community and contribute to your professional, creative and personal success

Member overview