Lyd studio was founded from a need to connect creatives with different creative backgrounds. In everything we do from the events we host, the products we sell and the people we work with, the respect for creativity comes first.

When we look at the world of arts there is a long way to go to be really inclusive. Groups like artists of colour, LGBTQ or woman were neglected for years as unfortunately the way they looked, where they or their parents were from or what they wanted in life was more important than their creativity. Luckily, we see more and more inclusiveness in the art world these days however it is far from truly diverse.

In our mission to bring creatives together by building a community that contributes to their professional, creative and personal success we need to prioritize the constant need for a diversity in our group of creatives. We believe that only with a truly diverse community all voices are heard, biases through ignorance get filtered out and the best ideas will surface.


We make the following promises to work on a diverse creative world:


Community: The people we work with become a part of our community, as a company lyd studio will make sure that this community is as diverse as possible. To keep diversity in mind when going through the applications for memberships as it’s not just creative talent is important to us, also the group.


Internally: It’s not just the group of people around us that need to be diverse, also the group of people working for lyd studio. We have taken outside council to support us in our hiring process so we can best work on a diverse team. We will also ensure to create a safe company culture where our employees feel supported and safe to be their true self.


Transparency: We promise to also extend our aim for a diverse, inclusive and equal work to the people working on producing our products and also to the partner brands we work with. We’ll make sure this is a part of our process when accepting to work with new partners to make sure that the complete supply chain complies.


As a mission we want to build a creative world, be a part of and contribute to it in a valuable way. A big part of this means listening. For questions but also feedback please contact us in the link below.