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Lennard is our in house DJ and music manager. He is responsible for the playlists, the DJ's we work with as creative curators and supports them by building an offline and online community that contributes to their professional, creative and personal success. 
We asked him to introduce himself and to explain the inspiration of the weekly selects:


Hi, my name is Lennart. I originate from Arnhem, and before I joined the lyd studio team I’ve done quite a broad range of things in the creative, (mostly music-) sector. I’m a dj, programmed clubnights and festivals for third parties, host my own nights and work as an artist handler during events.


For our weekly playlist ‘lyd studio selects’ I try to draw my inspiration out of all corners and spectrums popular music has to offer. Both old and knew, unknown, rare or timeless classics we’ve all heard before. Sampling culture has always fascinated me. It turned jazz standards and rare funk and disco into fresh hip-hop, and hip-hop into house and electro tracks over the decades. Through this, the concept of quality music has reinvented itself countless of times, while also teaching us ‘where things came from’, and to respect that.


What I think makes this list unique, is that it’s completely hype-independent. What’s hot today is cool, but what was hot 30 years ago might be even cooler - although sometimes forgotten. What gets me excited is digging up these buried gems and creating a solid story alongside new generations of ground-breaking musicians.





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