Nikki Nordmann (´s Hertogenbosch, 1982)

Street photographer, collage- and documentary maker.

In his photographs Nikki shows the normal human in their own unique way. The people he photographs gets his attention by their interaction with their environment. His inspiration comes from photographers like Ed van der Elsken, Garry Winnogrand, Henrie Cartier-Bresson, Jozef Koudelka and Helen Levitt.

"When i go out taking photographs I never prepare what I want to shoot. I strive for images I could’ve never come up with. I want to be surprised."

The way he frames his photographs and the composition he choses makes the work unbound by time or place.

His collages let you meet the surreal sides of the artist. His work can cover political conflicts, social pressure or the fear to fail and other personal problems. The subject arise for Nikki in the moment; it's all about intuition and the confidence being the strongest source in his creative output.