It's lyd studio's mission to bring creatives together by building an offline and online community that contributes to their professional, creative and personal success. Our platform will play the role of the networker; acting as hub for these creative curators to reach their target market.

We want to contribute to this community in a valuable way; by inspiring creatives to keep creating.

The Creative Curators are our business members.

This could be as simple as a collaboration with a talented artists or designers to feature their work. We do this in our store, on our website and on our social media platform.

For creative professionals who are looking for active support to grow their business we can also offer more. For example we offer Masterclasses, workshops, marketing support, advertising support or we can even take over your accounting and taxes to make sure our Creative Curators can focus on what they're good at, keep creating.


Discover the benefits in becoming a Creative Curator in the lyd studio community