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Beoplay A9


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Meet the Beoplay A9!
A well designed minimalistic 8-inch woofer with a sunken carry handle on the back so you can easily move it around your studio or at home. To stir things up you can also take the three wooden legs off and attach it to a wall like the piece off art it is!

  • Designer: Ølvind Alexander Slaatto;
  • Cover: Sokki, inspired by the art of African wax fabric;
  • Materials: Wood, Fabric, Aluminium and Plastic;
  • Weight: 14,7 kg;
  • Dimensions: 70,1 W x 90,8 H x 41,1 D cm;
  • Powered by a 160-watt amp, two 3-inch midrange drivers;
  • And two 3/4-inch tweeters powered by class D 80-watt amps.

Watts tend to tell you the whole story, and let’s just say that this speaker will blow your cups right off the table if you want to!


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