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Outsourcing administration - Niek Peters

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Doing your administration, processing your receipts, booking your sales, processing your costs etc.

For most creatives not the most interesting part of running your own business.

So why do it yourself?

Spend your time doing what you do best! Create, design and make. 

Niek Peters developed 3 programs for the starting entrepreneur to grow with your business and budget to make sure you can focus on what you are good at but still affordable for the start-up.

<   50 bank transactions per month € 90 ex
< 100 bank transactions per month € 140 ex
> 100 bank transactions per month (price to be discussed)
These are monthly rates for Niek Peters to be able to do your administration and for his office to be responsible for your books.
These rates already include the monthly €20 for the administration software and the avg quarterly €120 rate that most administration offices calculate.



Please note prices are including tax, as a business you get this back.

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