Klerezooi - Natural Dye Kit Yellow


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Klerezooi toolkit ‘dye your own clothes with natural materials’

Give your clothing a new color using materials straight from nature. In the ‘KLEREZOOI toolkit’ you can find all you need to get started.

Color : Curcuma

Curcuma will turn your clothing into a yellow or dark yellow color. This pigment comes from the roots of the Curcuma longa plant.

In this toolkit:

  • 100 gram natural pigment
  • 100 gram alum (causes the pigment to stick to the clothing)
  • Instruction manual
  • Eco gloves
  • Rubber bands (for a tie-dye effect)

Good to know:

  1. Use clothing or textile with a light colors (preferably white)
  2. Use clothing with natural fibers, the dye will not stick to synthetical fibers
  3. When washing your dyed clothing or textile for the first time do it without other clothing so you can make sure your other clothing will not be discolored
  4.  Wash your dyed clothing on 30 degrees (inside out)


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