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Julia Maliczowska - SWAY chair

Julia Maliczowska - SWAY chair

Balance of life.
As the speed of living accelerates and work/ life balance can get stressed.
I have designed a product that will help bring back a little bit of balance between family fun time and peaceful me-time. 
A furniture solution that will keep everyone happy.

Tired of the colourful, plastic, loud kids corner in your home? 
Sway is fun for the whole family and does not need to be tucked away. Looking for common ground between children’s toys and grown ups’ furniture, Julia Maliczowska found the answer in movement. 

Swaying can be calming and entertaining for all ages, from cradle to swing or rocking chair. Both features are present in this comfortable lounge chair that can also be used as a seesaw. 

Hand built from natural materials, Sway fits into any interior and leaves space for your playful imagination. The two poles that come with it can pause the rocking motion, or become the safe handles for an in-house see-saw session. 

‘I like my furniture to be functional but also to bring joy.’ Enjoy! 
Julia Maliczowska.